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Developing your survival plan

If your business is struggling for money, losing customers or generally struggling to stay afloat, then Pococks is here to help. We offer a free, no obligation, initial consultation that examines your options and explains what we can do to help. With our business survival plan services, we can restructure your company and help you stay profitable and even look for new avenues.

Once we’ve successfully analysed your business and noted the primary problems, we will create proposals to help turn your business around. We’ll then explain these proposals to all stakeholders with a view to gaining support for the new business plan. We will talk to banks, finance companies, HMRC, suppliers and creditors to ensure that your business can be effectively restructured.

How do business support plans work?

At Pococks, we take business restructuring seriously. We offer hands on support and help you increase sales, establish the foundations for sustaining future growth, and reduce costs to save your business money. Our business survival plans often include redundancies, assisting with employee consultation to achieve cost reduction, as well as terminating leases and contracts. We also explore litigation to examine what debts can be delayed or managed better.


We’ll help you deal with personal guarantees, and assist you in retaining control of your business with shares.


In the event that we can't save the company we can assist you in restructuring the company via an insolvency procedure to save your business.

Implementing business survival plans

Effective business restructuring services and survival plans on

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