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Business insolvency services in Kingston

Operating in Kingston, Twickenham, Wimbledon, Reading, Sutton and surrounding areas, Pococks offers valuable insolvency assistance for small companies that are struggling. With experts from the worlds of finance, law and business, you can rest assure we offer essential business and financial advice.  

As a director you may find yourself in need of support if your business encounters troubles, we can assist you. Our team of experienced advisors can help you every step of the way with insolvency procedures, from initial advice and assessment of your company to guiding into the correct process for your situation:

  • Prepack Administrations

  • Administrations

  • Liquidations

  • Company Voluntary Arrangements

We work with a number of insolvency practitioners and will ensure you get the correct support for your circumstances. We will continue to support you through the insolvency process.

If your business is under pressure from HMRC enforcement and the certainty of insolvency, we can assist you with distress and winding up petitions. Our team at Pococks will help you with arrears and arrange time to setup affordable payment arrangements with HMRC’s debt management team.


Thanks to our knowledge of the law, we can renegotiate facilities and organise re-banking to give you and your company the chance to pay back debts in a more affordable and efficient way. We’ll deal with aggressive creditors and create a business debt repayment plan that works for all parties.


Liquidation management services are also available, and our team can assist with winding up petitions and County Court Action.

Distress and winding up petitions

Liquidation management services, business insolvency advice and much more on

020 8547 2511 & info@smallbusinessassistance.co.uk

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