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Director disqualification services in Kingston

Are you a director facing disqualification? If you find yourself under investigation from Insolvency Services or facing court action against you, Pococks of Kingston can help.

Our Experts specialise in supporting directors who have come under scrutiny when their company is in trouble. Let our team advise you through the disqualification process and give you the tools you need to defend your livelihood.

Taking the right advice at the right time can make all the difference. Our director disqualification service can advise on all aspects of the disqualification process and ensure you get the support you need.


The correct handling of investigations into your conduct as a director can:

  • Prevent disqualification

  • Minimise the length of disqualification

  • Protect your future as a director



Protecting your future

Director disqualification advice and financial services for small businesses from trained experts on

020 8547 2511 & info@smallbusinessassistance.co.uk

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